[[indefinite hiatus]]

This blog is for things.
On indefinite hiatus.

madlionmane replied to your post:  

honey i’m here for anything you know that right? I love you *cuddles*

I know. Thank you.

jasonsrainbowass replied to your post 

Wanna talk?

No? :3 I just don’t have anything to say, you know? Nothing in particular is happening, I just feel bad.

  1. madlionmane said: I’m sorry you are feeling bad dear, can i do anything?
  2. thegoddamnkingofgoogle said: I hate that. When there’s no reason and it hits you outta no w here and you feel like SHIT…..Sorry hun, love you
  3. werewolfjason said: Mm… I see. *hugs tightly*
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