[[indefinite hiatus]]

This blog is for things.
On indefinite hiatus.

Tags are irrelevant. If you are seeing this, it applies to you.

  1. butyoucancallmemeg said: MEGAN!!! I LOVE YOU TOO DARLING!
  2. bitchboughtmycookie said: Megan I’m bawling. I’m actually sobbing my eyes out. I love you so much hgzdxygfyg you are perfect. And if you ever come to England, find me. No hesitation. :)
  3. philssupersecretboyband said: *hugs tight* I love you too, sweetheart. Even though I’m not tagged. Shhh I’ll pretend you love me. And if you come visit Maddie, I am going to awkwardly attend because I want to hug you in real life and not just on the internet because I love you.
  4. madlionmane said: MEGANNNNN I AM CRY ING
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