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What was your first kiss like? asked by Anonymous

Hmm. It was Halloween, my junior year of high school, and my boyfriend came over and we watched Hitchcock. Then his parents came, and my parents were still upstairs, and he just kind of…kissed me. And it was odd, because I’d been anticipating and freaking out and having multiple mini panic attacks, and he just did it and I was part disappointed, part relieved I didn’t utterly embarrass myself in some disastrous way.

And then my parents came and he left and the next time we saw each other his dad walked in on us when I was in a state of undress. /sigh let’s tag this under #megan should actively make life choices instead of letting people do whatever and #the general fuckery of megan’s junior year of HS

(oh, and thank you very much for humouring me, lovely nonnie. this is kind of fun.)

  1. renegadeprincess said: at least he didn’t miss. my first kiss was like being mauled by a blind st bernard.
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